Milk Yarn

The softest, silkiest yarn you'll ever feel! Three weights in a palette of saturated solids, rich neutrals, and irresistible pastels. 

Weaving Yarns

Bellatrista now offers our most popular bases in a range of finer weights designed specifically for the loom. These yarns produce luxurious woven fabrics with distinct properties. Use them on their own or in a mixed warp or weft for a truly unique weave.


Viscose from peppermint yields an incredibly soft fiber that rivals silk in its sheen.

NEW! Soy + Aloe

We’ve blended our upcycled soy yarn with 20 percent aloe vera for a smoother finish and softer hand.

Bellatrista creates luxurious, exotic yarns for knit, crochet, and weaving. We specialize in alternative natural fibers, including milk yarns and vegan, plant-based yarns.