Ready to dye or hand-paint

Raw Yarns

Our milk and milk-bamboo blends will bring your colors to life. They work equally well with acid dyes or fiber-reactive dyes. Soy yarns naturally have a slight yellowish cast, much like tussah silk. They'll take either acid dyes or fiber-reactive dyes, but prefer cold water.

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Undyed Milk Yarns

  • DK weight (200m/100g). 2-ply. 250g skeins
  • DK weight (200m/100g). Single-ply. 250g skeins.
  • Bulky weight (130m/100g). 2-ply. 250g skeins.
  • Super-bulky (100m/100g) 2-ply. 250g skeins.

Undyed Soy Yarns

  • DK weight (200m/100g). 6-ply. 250g skeins
  • Bulky weight (130m/100g). Single-ply. 250g skeins. (Note that this yarn is very soft/breakable)

Undyed Bamboo Yarns

  • Lace weight (400m/100g) 4-ply, 250g skeins
  • Sport weight (300m/100g) 8-ply, 300g skeins